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SweejTech, born from the Sweet Justice crew’s wealth of experience in sound design, is dedicated to providing the sound industry with innovative audio tools and technologies.
We’ve created a brand that seamlessly connects with Sweet Justice through its logo and colour palette, a bespoke Jamstack website developed by Major Digital, and a meticulously designed icon system which can be implemented into each new SweejTech tool.

Digital Partner

We collaborated closely with Major Digital, who spearheaded the technical execution of the SweejTech website. Their invaluable assistance extended beyond the project’s initial scope, as they harnessed their expertise to help bring our design vision to life in the digital space. Using headless composable technology stack, they crafted a website thats robust, highly responsive and has lightning-fast loading times. Major Digital seamlessly bridged the gap between design and development, creating a stress-free environment that greatly impressed us and our client. The effortless exchange of feedback and collaborative effort between all parties made the project a resounding success.