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The passionate & enigmatic owner of AlchemyFlow describes himself as a food activist. His small Brighton based business produces small-batch ferments and educates people on a holistic approach to mind and body wellness.
Starting with a brand discovery workshop we delved into Darren’s existing company to re-brand and re-invigorate his offering. Resulting in a new identity, logo, look & feel, iconography and illustrations. We then created a suite of labels & packaging and built a visually engaging website. Get yourself to an independent foodstore now to try their Kimchi – it’s a pickled dream!

Osomi are some of the best digital sorcerers in town. They created for me a stellar image and shopfront that oozes with subtleties about the overall intention and philosophy behind the business. Early on in the process of sizing Osomi up for the task, I remember reading a testimonial on their website describing how the team went completely beyond the expectations of the client in question to produce their brand. I can now testify that to be true. The team are an eccentric bunch, where it seems like falling in love with you is just part and parcel of getting the best design result possible for your business. All the feels. Thanks gang X

Darren Ollerton,
Founder, AlchemyFlow