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The passionate & enigmatic owner of AlchemyFlow founder describes himself as a food politician & activist. They use waste food to make fermentations, and educate people on a holistic approach to mind & body wellness.
Starting with a brand discovery workshop we delved into Darren’s existing company to re-brand and re-invigorate his offering. Resulting in a new identity, logo, look & feel, iconography and illustrations. We then created a suite of labels & packaging and built a visually engaging website. Get yourself to an independent foodstore now to try their Kimchi – it’s a pickled dream!

Working with Osomi was a delight from start to finish, the brand discovery workshop was a huge eye-opener for me and has helped me develop my business in new and exciting ways. I absolutely love what they have created for me and hope that I will be working with them for many years to come.

Darren Ollerton,
Founder, AlchemyFlow